Rates Doggie Hotel Kennel / Cat  Condo:

Single Dog     $22.61 + HST =  $26 per day
Double Dog   $34.78 + HST =  $40 per day 
Triple Dog      $43.48 + HST =  $50 per day
Single Cat      $14.78 + HST =  $17 per day
Double Cat    $21.74 + HST  = $25 per day
**all above pricing is per cat condo or per dog run**

Check in and Check out hours  
Monday to Friday 8:30am - 11:30am  & 4pm - 6pm
Saturday 8:30am - 11:30am
Sunday   4-6 pm

Has your pet been to other boarding kennels, dog day cares or dog parks recently? We request and recommended to refrain from any HIGH risk areas 2 week prior to stay.

Bordetella must be current or done at least 3 weeks before your stay. If you’re planning on staying with us. Please try to ensure your pet has not come into contact with UN-vaccinated pets at public parks, private walks, dog parks, dog daycares or groomers before your stay. We are striving to have a healthy environment for your pet.

Billing practices at our hotel.
Check out is 11am. Checking out in the morning hours will not incur cost for that day. 
Checking out in the afternoon hours you will be billed for a full day. 
Sunday's will always be a standard full day fee. 
Long weekends are a minimum charge of 2 day/night stay.

If…. we are available to accommodate a check in or check out beyond the above hours, you will be subject to a $10 fee plus you are still require to pay the full day.

Cancellation Policy. When you make a reservation during a "Statutory or No School" holiday- If you cancel you are still required to pay for the time that you reserved.
You book 10 days and you cancel, you still need to pay for your reservation. You book 10 days on a statutory holiday or a no school holiday and you check out 4 days early, you still pay for the 10 days you reserved. Non Stat or no school holiday cancellations time frames require 72 hours’ notice for no penalty charges anything less than that requires full payment for the booked reservation. 

Requirement to stay with us
1 - All pets must be current on vaccines. Vaccinations must be current 3 weeks prior to stay
Dogs - Rabies, Distemper, Provirus, Para influenza, Leptospirosis and Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Cats - Rabies, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, and Rhinotracheitis.
2 - Clean dog and bedding.
3 - Non Aggressive towards people** this is very serious** if your dog’s bites you will be called to return immediately and pick up your dog!! 
4 - House broken

What to bring
- Food in a plastic sealed container 
- Proof of Vaccine (must be presented at check in)
- Information form - please open above document and complete and bring with you

Your Pets daily routine while staying with us:
7:00am - Bathroom break and quick play before breakfast
7:00am - Breakfast is served
11:30am - lunch is served with treat time
11:30am - Bathroom break and outside play time
4:00pm - Bathroom break and outside play time
4:00pm - Supper is served
7:30pm - Bathroom break and outside play time.
7:30pm- Bedtime tuck in with treat.

Additional play time outside is done throughout the day based on weather and activity requirement of dog.  All rooms are sanitized daily and after every check out. Outside exercise runs are cleaned between dogs.

We can also accommodate daily checks on your pet while you are away. By phone, or email. This will also give you peace of mind that your pet is doing fine. We make your dog or cat our priority to ensure their holiday is as enjoyable as yours. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, secure and caring family environment for your pets during their stay with us. As life-long pet owners ourselves, you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your pet is being cared for by experienced dog and cat owners. 
Information Form -
Print and complete

2018 Holiday hours

Wednesday Oct 31,2018                                       Halloween                                  8:30-11:30am    
Sunday November 11th                                         Remembrance Day                   4-6pm
Monday December 24, 2018                                Christmas Eve                            8:30-11:30am 
Tuesday December 25, 2018                               Christmas                                    Closed for Check in & outs 
Wednesday December 26, 2018                         Boxing day                                   4-6pm
Monday December 31, 2018                               New Years Eve                             8:30-11:30am 
Tuesday  January 1st 2017                                   New Years Day                           Closed for check in & check out

2019 Holiday hours

Tuesday January 1st                                              New Years Day                           Closed for Check in & outs 
Monday February 18th                                         Family Day                                  4-6pm
Friday April 19th                                                    Good Friday                                4-6pm
Monday April  22nd                                              Easter Monday                           Closed 
Monday May 20th                                                 Victoria Day                                 Closed for check in & out
Monday July 1st                                                     Canada Day                                 Closed for check in & out
Monday August 5th                                              New Brunswick Day                   Closed for check in & out
Monday September 2nd                                      Labor Day                                    4-6pm  
Monday October 14th                                          Thanksgiving                               4-6pm
Thursday Oct 31st                                                 Halloween                                   8:30-11:30am  
Monday November 11th                                     Remembrance day                     4-6pm
Tuesday December 24th                                     Christmas Eve                             8:30-11:30am 
Wednesday December 25th                               Christmas                                    Closed for Check in & outs 
Thursday  December 26th                                   Boxing day                                  4-6pm
Tuesday December 31st                                      New Years Eve                            8:30-11:30am 
Wednesday  January 1, 2020                               New Years Day                           Closed for check in & check out